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Contracts that tie you in for a year or two don’t make sense anymore. Clients should stay with us because we give good service and not because of a contract that binds them to a single provider. We are confident of our service & results.


Not only have we been in business since 2013, we also trained at established audit and accounting firms. We know what works from personal experience. And we stay up to date through continued professional development.


Our pricing model has evolved in line with the needs of our clients. Your business has unique requirements, which is why we have more pricing options than other firms. You should not have to pay for a “bundle of value” that you don’t need.


We are a small firm, and our recruitment standards are very high. We can therefore only provide service to clients that value exceptional work. We’re definitely not for everybody. Our clients appreciate the value of a quick turnaround time, accurate and reliable information, and beautiful reports they can be proud of.


Our network is ever growing as we are meeting experts in the industry all the time. We know the right people that can get the desired outcome, often quicker than we could do it on our own. Professionals like tax attorneys and specialist consultants -we give you access. We also encourage business referrals between our clients.


We have service a mix and match solution so you can get exactly what you need, no more and no less, at the right price. Our VIP packages include bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, tax, compliance, business coaching, and management accounting. Everything a corporate finance department would do.

Here’s what we do:

Tailored Solution

Keep your accounts up-to-date, accurate and reliable, and provide you real time access to see your financial information online at any time!

Keep your SARS audits and submissions in line, while claiming every allowable expense and VAT input to reduce your tax payable.

Additionally we assist with things like adjusting journals, depreciation, and SARS audits top the list. As well as financial statements and tax returns.

Outsourcing to a Bean Counters with years of experience and a proven track record, makes bookkeeping and accounting a pleasure. You can focus on your business while we do the admin.

Although we may not always be able save you money on accounting services, we will almost always save you money by getting things right, claiming all allowable VAT and tax deductions, and taking care of any SARS audits, especially on refunds.

Outsourcing your accounting to us will save you a lot more than money, it will save you precious time!


Bookkeeping includes recording all of the day-to-day transactions of your business.

Using the actual documents, such as invoices, cash slips and bank statements, your dedicated bookkeeper will process these into an accounting system which will then be reviewed by your accountant.

Sage One or Xero Subscription, setup and maintenance.

Training you on how to use the system to quote, invoice, receive payments and send statements.

Reconciling your bank statements.

Processing invoices from your suppliers.

Processing petty cash account reconciliation.

Reconciling supplier and customer statements.


Your accountant will review the allocations and ensure that each transaction has been processed correctly.

After all the queries are resolved and adjustments made, your reports will be compiled and sent to you.

Transactions are reviewed for accuracy.

VAT transactions are scrutinized (errors can be costly).

Taxable income and expenses are verified.

Adjusting journals, accruals, and depreciation.

Reports are prepared; Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance and a few others.

VAT and PAYE calculations are checked before submission

Financial statements and specialized management reports are prepared.


Our payroll services are more than just a payslip. We provide basic HR record keeping as well.

Record leave days, sick days and holidays.

Track staff loans and repayments.

Reimbursement to staff for out-of-pocket business expenses (with supporting documents).

Structuring salaries, bonuses and fringe benefits.

Employee taxes and compliance data prepared for the EMP201 and EMP501.

Prepare the IRP5 as required.


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